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Lessons in Methodology, Breaking into Market Research, and the Future of Our Industry.

April 22, 2019

Recently, our pal Dr. Adam Brasel over at Boston College asked Research Narrative President and Founder Kerry Edelstein to talk about market research to his marketing students. We were superbly excited to talk to Dr. Brasel, whose own research has wowed us for years. (His 2011 publication on multi-screen eye gaze was one of the first studies to suggest that media multi-tasking during TV viewing led to decreased attention to programming.)

In this recorded conversation, we tackle topics such as:

  • What is the difference between analytics and market research?
  • What methodologies are emerging in market research – and which are more buzzworthy than practical to apply?
  • What’s the most important advice you would give a new graduate, as they embark on their career?

Thanks to Professor Brasel for graciously sharing this conversation!


This episode features:

  • Kerry Edelstein – President and Founder, Research Narrative
  • Dr. Adam Brasel – Associate Professor of Marketing, Boston College Carroll School of Management

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