Strategic Planning


Our approach to strategic planning blends our heritage as researchers with our expertise in activating insights and launching action plans.

While we do apply a refined and effective approach to strategic planning, we developed our process with customization and collaboration in mind. Your team’s participation and contribution is paramount, every step of the way.



We break each strategic plan into six stages:

1. Intake
Conducting analysis, desktop research, leadership interviews, and as necessary original research to lay the foundation for the plan
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2. Employee input
Benchmarking employee perspectives and generating input on key priorities for the plan and updates to your organization’s mission, vision, and core values
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3. Plan workshopping
Leading dynamic, interactive workshops that surface the plan “North Star,” key priorities, and goals underlying those priorities
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4. Plan frame-working
Developing a framework for the plan, with a central theme, key art visualization, and magnetic plan title
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5. Plan development
Creation of the actual plan, including central SMART goals and “fast track” immediate goals to catalyze the plan into action
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6. Plan activation
A detailed rollout of the plan to bring it to life and invite team members into the actioning of the plan; we can even advise and help guide that action team
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We also believe that two can be even better than one. That’s why we’ve partnered with Strategic Arc in an exclusive strategic planning partnership — combining our expertise in transitional insights with their skill in operationalizing goals and transition plans.

Here’s what the leader of one organization has to say about our combined approach:

Working with Strategic Arc Limited and Research Narrative was a great choice! They took the time to help us ensure that our entire strategic planning process was well thought out. We wanted to reengage with our community and to ensure that diversity and inclusion were at the forefront of our outcomes. I’m so excited by our new strategic plan!

Frank Dominguez, WDAV Public Media



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