Data Journalism


Do you already have data, but not the bandwidth or expertise to make sense of it and translate data into meaning, strategy, or action?

That’s where we come in. Our team will work with you to organize and analyze data, distilling the insights into a compelling and actionable narrative.


Think of us as your data journalists – explorers, analysts, and storytellers all in one. Whatever your needs and creative ideas, we’ve got you covered!

  • e-books
  • articles
  • podcasts
  • mini-briefs
  • frameworks
  • maps & journeys
  • interactive prototypes
  • digital dashboards
  • web content
  • webinars
  • workshops
  • keynotes
  • training modules
  • (+more)


Want to see some data journalism in action? Pop over and visit The Thinkerry. It’s our post and podcast home for industry-leading ideas, reflections, and insights.

Or for additional inspiration on crafting more interactive and audience-friendly deliverables, don’t miss our popular Guidebook to Choosing the Right Insights Deliverables.

Grounded in the art and science of data-storytelling, it explores creative methods of translating your insights into a more digestible narrative.

The Thinkerry > Deliverables Guide >




Our Story Insights Suite (SI-SuiteTM) is a leadership curriculum for professionals (your C-Suite) tasked with using data to communicate organizational insights.


Our integrated Think Like a Storyteller leadership workshops (part of the SI-SuiteTM curriculum) include activities ranging from real-life case studies to headline writing to role playing.

Workshops and coaching are supplemented with multimedia and interactive online learning tools aimed at mastering both the science and art of data journalism.

  • “Think Like a Storyteller” Leadership Workshops
  • One-on-one and team coaching
  • Data-storytelling tools to craft and communicate clear business insights

Is your team ready to learn and champion data storytelling?

Inquire about Si-SuiteTM >



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