the power of an authentically multi-cultural brand.


Fuse, a cable TV network, was performing strongly with diverse audiences and sought to better understand how its audience viewed “multiculturalism” in their lives and on air.


Multiculturalism had historically been discussed in terms of race, and the company knew that there were many more dimensions to culture. They just weren’t sure which ones matter to their Millennial audience, and how they could deliver on that best in their content and marketing efforts.


Research Narrative collaborated with Fuse to construct a three phase segmentation study to understand Multicultural Millennials. The study unearthed one particular segment with heavy Fuse viewing, who considered their multiculturalism a point of pride. This segment loved to combine different aspects of culture into their own unique combination – and that creative cultural blend was a profound part of their identity. The dimensionality they embraced was strikingly similar to that of several on-air personalities already appearing on Fuse.


Fuse learned that much of their programming delivered on multicultural expectations – but cable audiences outside their core audience weren’t aware of that. Results from the study were used to inform new marketing and branding efforts that showcased Fuse’s strong multi-cultural message.