Lisa Chen, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa Chen brings to Research Narrative over 25 years of experience mining insights into human behavior. Through a variety of leadership, academic and consulting positions, Lisa has developed expertise in understanding generational interactions and diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. She seeks to uncover the nuances of the 21st-century ‘Experience Economy’ where you don’t just buy a cup of coffee, but you craft your custom Starbucks beverage. The real story is embedded in the emergent experience.

Lisa’s work as a researcher and strategist is about revealing that story to clients and solving the disconnect between the end results and the means to how we got there.


+ Dr. Chen was VP Market Services & Intelligence for Crux Research as well as Senior Director of Youth and Education Research at Harris Interactive.

+ From her tenure at the Toronto-based think tank, Moxie Insight, and as a consultant for Noggin and Scholastic, she has extensive knowledge in generational research; especially Gen Z, parenting, and children’s issues.

+ Furthermore, Dr. Chen developed curriculum, revised scripts, and conducted formative and summative programming research as Assistant Director for Sesame Street.


Dr. Chen held post-doctoral research positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University.

She earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from New York University and holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

When not working, she enjoys paddle boarding, yoga, travel, and watching her kids play lacrosse.

My Favorite Re Word:


The past few years have been difficult. After lots of reflection, most people today want to change. We’ve had time to contemplate priorities. We want to be healthier, work differently, and think differently. We have different goals in life.

Personally, one word that characterizes my pandemic transformation is rejuvenate. I’m far more focused on engaging in meaningful experiences, spending time wisely, and making an impact; instead of just checking boxes throughout my day. My personal and professional mantra is to help others rejuvenate by approaching tasks and relationships alike… with energy, vigor, and joy.

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