(Xinkang) Du

Jack recently completed the MBA program at UCLA Anderson School of Management. A population geneticist by training, he is enthusiastic about data science and using storytelling to make numbers come alive.

As an ex-teacher and current EdTech entrepreneur, he has the expertise and a burning passion for education and the EdTech industry, making him the perfect candidate for developing strategies for EdTech clients.


+ Jack conducted oncology research on glioblastoma and quantitative genetics research in fishery science, developing molecular markers to reveal the evolutionary history of fish populations via statistical modelling.

+ Jack was an application specialist at Becton & Dickinson (BD), and the manager of the information center at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, before becoming a science teacher and starting the Chinese program at Paraparaumu College in New Zealand, where he taught for 5 years.​

+ Jack recently completed an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management and co-founded an EdTech startup developing an immersive language learning game named “Lost Abroad.”


Jack grew up in China and went to New Zealand to pursue a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and, later, a Honors in Marine Biology at Victoria University of Wellington. Being a people person, he realized that a life in the lab was not for him and went on to teach science and Chinese at a New Zealand high school.

Seeing first-hand how traditional teaching methods failed to engage today’s learners, Jack developed a keen interest in EdTech and ultimately came to business school to start his own company gamifying education.

Jack loves a good challenge and is at his best in a problem-solving mode in uncharted territories, of which there is no shortage in the innovative environment at Research Narrative.

My Favorite Re Word:


The symbol of New Zealand secondary school curriculum is a Nautilus shell, illustrating the idea that learning is not a linear journey, but a staircase where one revisits the same ideas and principles over and over, at elevated heights. This is the concept of relearning, and it also applies to the business world and everything around us, as we learn to solve the age-old problems of human conditions with new technologies and the data-driven approach. Therefore, it is important to always remain curious and adaptive to master the best new tools available to us, yet it is even more important to realize that every problem we solve, we solve it for people.

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