Abby Giancola

Abby comes from the world of academia with a background in neuroscience and social psychology. Her experience spans a variety of research methodologies, project management, and data analysis.

Simply put, Abby is interested in all things related to human behavior. She aims to investigate the “how” and “why” of people’s thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and motivations; and she applies her in-depth knowledge of the science of emotion to help clients answer their research questions.


+ As a research technician in the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab (IASL) at Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Abby worked on several projects such as examining the effects of hormones on brain connectivity, mood, and memory, and using Bayesian inference to model how emotions bias our judgments.

+ At the University at Buffalo, Abby completed her master’s Thesis work on different types of meta-awareness (or being aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings) and their predictive utilities.


Abby is a dual citizen between Canada and the US. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell University, and her Master of Arts in Social Psychology from the University at Buffalo.

In her free time, she can be found on the Charles River in Boston, MA, helping people learn the art of rowing— her love of the sport has only deepened over the past 15 years.​

My Favorite Re Word:


When was the last time you discovered that the world, in some way, didn't quite work as you imagined? As a researcher, I love those lightbulb moments! I love that every day I get to seek those hidden states of the world, and that it's my job to chase the "aha!" feeling of turning questions (or assumptions) into meaningful, data-driven insights.

That duality of the word "realize" is precisely why it's my favorite. It means not only to understand, but also to achieve; and when I work with clients, that's what I aim for. I help others glean realization, so they can realize their goals.

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