March 17, 2020


Preparations and Operations Update


Over the past month, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely and preparing for necessary changes to business operations.

Research Narrative is fortunate to have an office space that supports social distancing, established work-from-home capabilities, and security measures.

Thus, we remain fully operational and have experienced no disruptions to our business. To protect the safety of our employees and other colleagues, we’ve implemented the following additional precautions: 

  • Upcoming live research (e.g. focus groups) has been shifted to online platforms, to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Company business travel and in-person meetings have been suspended until further notice. In-person meetings and presentations have been rescheduled to video conference, webinar, or phone. 
  • Visitors may not enter our Culver City office premises until further notice. 
  • Employees who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms have been advised to immediately notify management and must work from home or take time off until they are symptom-free.   
  • Per CDC guidelines, employees have been advised to wash their hands upon entry into the office and when returning from lunch/breaks and to keep personal workspaces clean.  

Again, we expect to remain fully operational and will continue to proactively notify staff members and clients of any changes to operations or policy.

We’re also monitoring participation rates and research data for potential biases that may emerge as research participants grapple with rapidly changing circumstances. As we learn anything new, we’ll be sharing that here, so please check back periodically.

Thank you! 

To learn more about the math behind COVID-19, click here to read our recent blog post, “Diffusion Models Go Viral.” 

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